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4-Slot Carrier



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4-Slot PMC Carrier Board Package Includes

  • One 4-Slot PMC carrier board 

Product Description The 4-slot PMC carrier board provides the ability to install up to 4 (four) PMC cards into a small enclosure. The carrier board has two PMC card slots mounted front and and two mounted rear to create a compact arrangement with 4 PMC slots. Suitable for 32/64 with 33/ 66 MHz bus operation. The carrier provides power supplies for the +5, +3.3, +12, and minus 12 from a 12V wall mount transformer supply. Arbitration is accomplished with a CPLD mounted to the card. The CPLD also provides a selectable 66/33 MHz reference clock to be routed to each of the slots. 

Key Specifications

  • 4 PMC Slots provided.

  • PCI bus can operate at 66 or 33 MHz. User switch to allow or disable 66 MHz. operation.

  • 64 or 32 bit operation supported.

  • PMC register definitions as defined by installed hardware. No software set-up required.

  • INTA, B, C, D routed to cPCI connector from PMC. Slot 0 is assumed to be populated with a PrPMC.

  • PCI signals are routed and terminated IAW the PCI specification.

  • +5, +3.3, +12, -12V VIO supplied to PMC slots.

  • VIO is programmable by the user with a shunt.

  • The PMC-MC-X2 is a low power design with minimal heat dissipation of its own. 

  • Front Bezel IO supported.

  • +3V, +5V, +12V, -12V and "PMC Present".

  • JTAG header connected to PMC supplied. JTAG pin definitions are in the silkscreen.


  • Download the manual in PDF format

Item# TD-PMC-CARR-4S ........ $1195.00




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