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Cabled PCIe to XMC



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Cabled PCIe to XMC Carrier Board Package Includes

  • One cabled PCIe to XMC carrier board 
  • User's manual

Product Description This cabled PCI express to XMC carrier board provides an easy and low cost solution that enables connection of a XMC mezzanine I/O module to host computer via a standard PCI Express external cable. The carrier board acts not only as an adapter to route PCIe bus signals to and from the XMC module through a standard PCI Express external cable, but also provides rich on-board feathers for developing and debugging the PCIe bus on XMC card with/without host system.

Key Specifications

  • Allow the connection of XMC PCI Express VITA 42.3 module to host computer via a standard PCI Express external cable 

  • Allow placement of XMC module near Unit Under Test to minimize noise pickup and simplify cabling 

  • Supports up to eight PCIe lanes

  • Transparent operation  to PCI Express 

  • All PCIe signals are connected to the XMC module

  • SCSI connector on front panel provides easy access to all XMC P16 I/Os

  • Local reset button allows resetting PCIe bus for debugging

  • ATX PC power connector allows the use of external ATX power supply for debugging without motherboard

  • Jumpers for powers allow to measure current consumption on each power rail

  • Resetable "self-healing" fuses - no need to replace with new fuses if powers short

  • LED indicators for powers

  • Zener diode-protected powers

  • Multi-layer design with ground and power planes.

  • Controlled-Impedance traces for all high-speed signals 

  • Lifts the unit under test off the motherboard for easy access

  • Extends the life of your motherboard or test system by absorbing the wear and tear of multiple insertion environments.

Item# TD-CBL-PCIE-TO-XMC ........ $545.00




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