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PC 104p/104


PC 104p Digital I/O
PC 104p Analog I/O
PC 104 Carrier      

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PC 104p Digital I/O Board...$2495.00  

SALE! The PC 104p digital I/O board provides users with the capability to implement complex, customized digital I/O board solutions. Click here for more details.

PC 104p Analog I/O Board...$2495.00  

SALE! The PC 104p analog I/O board provides a variety of I/O functions on a single plug-in card. These new high-density modules perform both high-speed and high-resolution A/D and D/A conversion. Click here for more details.

PC 104p/104 Carrier...$395.00  

SALE! The PC 104p/104 carrier board provides the ability to install a PC 104p/104 card into a small enclosure. It provides the +5V, +3.3V, +12V, - 12V and - 5V from a "28V" supply, battery etc. Click here for more details.



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