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PCIe to XMC Carrier Board Package Includes

  • One PCIe to XMC carrier board 
  • User's manual

Product Description This PCI express to XMC carrier board provides an easy and low cost solution that enables use of a XMC mezzanine I/O module in a standard PCIe computer system. The carrier board acts not only as an adapter to route PCIe bus signals to and from the XMC module through the PCIe card slot edge connector, but also provides rich on-board feathers for developing and debugging the PCIe bus on XMC card with/without host system.

Key Specifications

  • Allow the use of XMC 2.0 PCI Express VITA 61 module on a PCIe slot 
  • High speed alternative to the old generation VITA 42 
  • Transparent operation to PCI Express

  • All PCIe signals are connected to the XMC module

  • SATA and D-SUB connector provides easy access to all XMC P16 I/Os

  • Local reset button allows resetting PCIe bus for debugging

  • Jumpers for powers allow to measure current consumption on each power rail

  • Resettable "self-healing" fuses - no need to replace with new fuses if powers short

  • LED indicators for powers

  • Zener diode-protected powers

  • Multi-layer design with ground and power planes

  • Controlled-Impedance traces for all high-speed signals

  • Lifts the unit under test off the motherboard for easy access

  • Extends the life of your motherboard or test system by absorbing the wear and tear of multiple insertion environments

  • Allow to use XMC module to standard PCIe host system

  • Expand system via on-board high-speed SATA link and D-SUB link

  • Rich on-board feathers for developing and debugging the PCIe bus and I/O on XMC card

Item# TD-PCIE-TO-XMC ........ $349.00




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