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5 Pieces Of Solderable 2 X 2.75 Inch (50 X 70 mm) Experiment FR4 Pcb Breadboard, Plus 140 Pieces Of Pre-Formed Solid Male-To-Male Jumper Wire Kit For Proto-Typing Circuit/Arduino. The Package Includes

  • Five (5) pieces of solderable experiment FR4 PCB breadboard; 
  • One (1) lot of 140 pre-formed male-to-male solid jumper wires with compartment plastic case;

Product Description The kit contains 5 pieces of solderable experiment FR4 PCB breadboard, and 140 pieces of pre-stripped, pre-formed, male to male solid jumper wires in various lengths and colors. The kit allows you to construct prototyping circuit on the PCB breadboard easily and rapidly.

  • Each PCB has has the size of 2 x 2.75 inch (50 x 70 mm), and 432 solderable holes with standard 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch
  • 5 pieces of PCB in total has the size of 10 x 13.75 inch (250 x 350 mm), and 2160 solderable holes - large PCB size and many holes for prototyping
  • Single-sided high-quality durable FR4 glass-epoxy PCB breadboard
  • PCB has copper with an anti-tarnish coating for easy soldering
  • Kit contains 140 lengths of solid wire jumpers in various colorsin a large compartment plastic case - many wires for selection
  • Wires are male to male, solid, durable, easy to trace, easy to solder and de-solder

Item# TD-ZY-PCB-5x7 ........ $10.95




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